Text and Tradition Minor

As a text and tradition minor, you will study the classic texts and intellectual traditions upon which American and European culture have been built, ranging from Greek thought and inquisition to the modern-day novel. An understanding of these concepts and ideologies is essential to the study of humanities, and this minor will help refine said study. This minor will grant you a serious foundation in the humanities, a foundation in content and in methods of inquiry, and these skills are applicable in a wide variety of academic courses of study. This minor is housed in the Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities.

sample courses:

The Great Economists

Examination of the great economic thinkers, the problems they sought to solve, the historically-conditioned assumptions that they bring to their work, and the moral issues they raise. The class will read from the works of Adam Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Marx, Veblen, Keynes, Schumpeter, Galbraith, and others as well as commentary from Heilbronner. These readings will be paired with selected texts on the social and moral issues of their times.

An Intellectual History of Sex and Gender

When did sexuality begin? Is it safe to assume that gender constructions are universal and timeless? In this course, we will engage with a broad range of readings that serve as primary texts in the 'history of sexuality and gender.' Our aims are threefold: to analyze the literary evidence we have for sexuality and gender identity in Western culture, to survey modern scholarly approaches to those same texts and to consider the ways in which these modern theoretical frameworks have become the most recent set of 'primary' texts on sexuality and gender.