Speech and Hearing Sciences Minor

As a minor in speech and hearing sciences, you will explore topics related to human communication. Courses are designed to provide you with a complex, broadened understanding of the fields of hearing, deafness, language, and speech, with opportunities to explore related topics in more depth. This minor is especially valuable for students in fields such as psychology, education, philosophy‐neuroscience‐psychology (PNP), and linguistics, but has broad applicability in a wide variety of fields of study.

sample courses:

Introduction to Speech and Hearing Sciences and Disorders

Introduction to the fields of speech-language pathology, audiology, education of hearing-impaired children, and speech and hearing sciences. Normal speech and hearing processes are discussed, as well as communication disorders. Selected research topics in speech and hearing sciences are presented.

Psychology of Language

This course surveys current research and theory in psycholinguistics, covering the biological bases, cognitive bases and learning of language. We consider studies of normal children and adults, the performance of individuals with various types of language disorders, and computer simulations of language processes. Topics range from the perception and production of speech sounds to the management of conversations. Each student carries out an original research project on some aspect of psycholinguistics.