Spanish Major

As a Spanish major, you will study great Spanish texts and will do so with an eye to gender roles, traditions, communities, individual freedom, social obligations and many other topics of critical importance today. You will also undertake a rigorous study of the Spanish language. This major is housed in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures.

sample courses:

Iberian Literatures and Cultures

Which are the cultures that shape what Spain is today? This course explores the diversity of the Iberian Peninsula through its literatures and cultures. As part of both the Mediterranean and Western Europe, the Iberian Peninsula has been shaped through a dynamic of conflict and negotiation between various cultures, languages, and religions. Students will engage themes such as internal colonization, imperialism, multiculturalism, regional identities, nation formation, migration, media and popular culture, modernization, and gender and race relations, as they relate to our understanding of the country today. Focuses may include but are not limited to Muslim and Jewish Spain, the effects of the Civil War and dictatorship, visual arts and performance, identity narratives and power relations, regional nationalism, immigration and the current economic crisis in Spain.

Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

An introduction to the scientific study of the Spanish language, this course focuses on each of the major linguistic subsystems, including the sound system (phonetics and phonology), word formation (morphology), formation of phrases and sentences (syntax), and the use of the language to convey meaning (semantics and pragmatics). At each level of analysis, selected comparisons are made between Spanish and English and between Spanish and other languages. The course also examines different historical, regional, and social varieties of Spanish and situations of Spanish in contact with other languages.

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