Sociology Major

As a major in sociology, you will explore the ways in which social relations and settings shape a range of individual and group experiences and outcomes, with an emphasis on how various forms of inequality are created and propagated through time. Reflecting the diversity of social settings that motivate sociological inquiry, majors will develop a sociological lens through which they can better understand the baseline determinants of inequality, social order, and change.

sample courses:

The Social Construction of Race

Examination of race, ethnicity, and racism from a sociological perspective to understand race as a socially constructed phenomenon manifest in a wide range of social institutions. The course focuses on how race and racism impact contemporary social problems and public policy issues including immigration, affirmative action, education, media representation, and work. Application of sociological analysis to understand current race-related events.

Sick Society: Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities in the US

Improving the health of the US population and reducing disparities in health are national priorities. To reach these goals much research has sought to determine the factors that influence health status beyond health care quality and access. This course explores the broad area of study termed the "social determinants of health," while placing special emphasis on the exploration of health disparities in the United States. We will examine the social conditions that relate to the health of populations with particular attention to how patterns of health vary by social class, race/ethnicity and gender. We will also consider mechanisms that produce and maintain these differences. In addition to sociology, we will draw upon the work of multiple disciplines including, public health, demography, anthropology, public policy, economics, and medicine to understand what makes our populations sick and what might make them better.