Romance Languages and Literatures Major

As a romance languages and literatures major, you will study great texts with an eye to gender roles, traditions, communities, individual freedom, social obligations and many other topics of critical importance today. You will take classes French, Italian, and Spanish under the guidance of a study plan you create with an advisor.

sample courses:

French Culture and Civilization: The New Face of France

We will study the life and culture of France with special emphasis placed on the changes that are slowly but radically transforming French society: the increasing influence of the European Union; the influx of immigrants from Africa and other parts of the world; the growing role of "Beurs" and other French citizens born of foreign parents; the increasingly dominant position of women; the globalization of French culture, technological progress, etc.

Boccaccio: Decameron

The unrivaled master of late medieval Italian prose, Boccaccio is also a strikingly modern author whose works address such questions as the relationship between literature and history; God and man; storyteller and audience; gender, language, and power; literature and truth. With these and other concerns in mind, we will read his masterpiece, the DECAMERON, a collection of 100 tales set in the Black Plague of 1348. We will then contrast it to his late CORBACCIO.

Latin American Literatures and Cultures

How did Latin America become Latin America? This course explores the different inventions and reinventions of the region through its literatures and cultures. Beginning with the encounter of Europeans with America, students will engage themes like colonization and colonialism, urban and rural cultures, nation formation, modernization, media and popular culture, as well as gender and race relations.

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