Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Major: Language, Cognition, and Culture

As a philosophy-neuroscience-psychology (PNP) major, you are provided with an opportunity to examine the mind from multiple perspectives. In the language, cognition and culture track, you will focus on the significance of language for human cognition and the integration of cognition with the broader cultural environment.

sample courses:

Philosophy of Language

A survey of major philosophical problems concerning meaning, reference, and truth as they have been addressed within the analytic tradition. Readings that represent diverse positions on these focal issues will be selected from the work of leading philosophers in the field, for example: Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Davidson, Quine, Kripke, and Putnam. Students are encouraged to engage critically the ideas and arguments presented, and to develop and defend their own views on the core topics.

Introduction to Semantics

Semantics is the branch of linguistics which studies how speakers assign meaning to words, sentences, and larger units of discourse. We combine perspectives from both linguistics and philosophy to explore a variety of topics including polysemy, compositionality, quantification, anaphora, definite descriptions, attitude reports, presupposition, and implicature.

our students have gone on to become: