Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Major: Cognitive Neuroscience

As a philosophy-neuroscience-psychology (PNP) major, you are provided with an opportunity to examine the mind from multiple perspectives. On the cognitive neuroscience track, you will focus on the study of higher brain functioning with behavioral research directed at understanding activities such as perceiving, attending, remembering, and acting.

sample courses:

Philosophy of Mind

An introduction to contemporary debates in the philosophy of mind, focusing on questions such as the following: What is a mind? Is the mind just the brain? Or are minds products of brains? Could an artificial device--a computing machine or a robot--have a mind? How can mental events have physical consequences?

Functional Neuroimaging Methods

In this class you will learn neuroimaging methods in the context of accurate, reproducible, and open science. There is no substitute for wrestling with data yourself, and so this is a hands-on course. You will need to bring a laptop on which to install Matlab and conduct analyses. Some background in neuroimaging or programming will be helpful, but is not required. Topics covered include experimental design, accounting for artifacts, single-subject models, and group models. By the end you will have used a computer script to analyze an fMRI dataset and have a good understanding of preprocessing and statistical analyses in fMRI.

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