Philosophy Major

As a philosophy major, you will consider the central questions of human life, such as: “what is truth?”; “is there a God?”; and “what is a just society?” These philosophical ponderings are basic to the ways in which we think about ourselves and our world. Courses in philosophy focus on the writings of great thinkers, past and present, who have sought a better understanding of human beings and the world. Majors can also choose from 3 tracks of more specific study: philosophy research, law and policy, and philosophy of science.

sample courses:

Present Moral Problems

An investigation of a range of contemporary moral issues and controversies that draws on philosophical ethics and culture-wide moral considerations. Topics may include: racism, world hunger, war and terrorism, the distribution of income and wealth, gender discrimination, pornography, free speech, lesbian and gay rights, abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, and animals and the environment.

Introduction to Metaphysics

This course is an introduction to central debates of contemporary analytic metaphysics. Metaphysics is concerned with the nature of the most general kinds of things and the relationship between these things. We will discuss the nature of and relationship between properties, material objects, persons, time, space, and modality.

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