Music Major

As a music major, you will explore critical issues of tradition, individual composers, compositional craft, aesthetic interpretation, and music's social and cultural significance through a wide range of courses. In this varied course of study, music is approached as a liberal and fine art, rather than as an isolated, separate subject. Students may between two tracks: the Bachelor of Arts in Music, which provides a broad liberal arts education with a foundation in music and can be pursued on its own or as a double major with another discipline, or the Bachelor of Music, which is a professional degree.

sample courses:

American Popular Music and Media

American popular music from 1800s to the present, with emphasis on technology, social and political contexts, and popular music as a realm of interracial encounter. Musics covered include early jazz, classic blues, swing, classic pop, rock and roll, soul, disco, hip hop and the changing relationship between popular music, film, and television.

Elementary Techniques of Electronic Music

Individual or small group instruction in "classical" procedures and relevant electronic technology. Credit contingent upon completion of Music 402. Prerequisite: open to music major; to others by permission of instructor.

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Music Directors

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