Korean Language and Culture Major

As a Korean language and culture major, you will undergo comprehensive study of Korean culture and society in an interdisciplinary program that encompasses language, literature, history, anthropology, art history, film, philosophy and religious studies. The Korean program at Washington University offers you the opportunity to discover and explore Korea's rich and unique cultural and literary traditions, beginning from earliest times up to the twenty-first century. This major is housed in the East Asian Languages and Cultures department

sample courses:

First-Level Modern Korean II

Continuation of the first year Korean language class. The emphasis is placed upon developing communicative competency based on continuing acquisition of fundamental grammar, sounds, and vocabulary.

Sexing Korea: Gender & Sexuality in Korean Popular Culture

What can Psy's "Gangnam Style" and Girls Generation's "The Boys" teach us about gender roles in contemporary Korea? What roles do writers, musicians, and filmmakers play in shaping our thinking about gender? And, how do competing ideas about sex shape the current system of literary, cinematic, television, and popular music genres? These questions will be explored through the analysis of Korean literature and popular media, while the course will simultaneously provide a broad introduction to the field of gender studies. Topics will include love, marriage, beauty myth, family, work, class, sex, intimacy, and body politics.

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