Japanese Language and Culture Major

As a Japanese language and culture major, you will undergo comprehensive study of Japanese culture and society in an interdisciplinary program that encompasses language, literature, history, anthropology, art history, film, philosophy and religious studies. Majors will acquire a broad knowledge of Japanese society and culture and a solid foundation in the major landmarks of Japanese literature spanning fourteen centuries. This major is housed in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures.

sample courses:

The Modern Voice in Japanese Literature

This survey explores the emerging modern voice in Japanese literature, with emphasis on prose fiction. After a brief introduction to earlier centuries, we will focus on the short stories and novels of the twentieth century. Among the authors considered will be Natsume Soseki, Nagai Kafu, Tanizaki Jun'ichiro, and Nobel laureates Kawabata Yasunari and Oe Kenzaburo. Discussions will center on issues of modernity, gender, and literary self-representation.

Japanese Art

Surveying the arts of Japan from prehistory to present, this course focuses especially on early modern, modern, and contemporary art. Emphasizing painting, sculpture, architecture, and print culture, the course will also explore the tea ceremony, fashion, calligraphy, garden design, and ceramics. Major course themes include collectors and collecting, relationships between artists and patrons, the role of political and military culture or art, contact with China, artistic responses to the West, and the effects of gender and social status on art.

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