International and Area Studies Major: International Affairs

As an international and area studies major with a concentration in international affairs, you will develop a broad understanding of the world, while exploring the diversity and richness of other cultures. Specifically, you will focus on understanding relations between societies. Majors will examine complex global issues and processes from multiple perspectives, to help understand the fundamental processes of cooperation, compromise, and conflict in the global arena.

sample courses:

International Public Affairs

We live in a complex, fast-paced world. Technological advances and economic interdependence bring us closer together, even as globalization creates new challenges that cannot be solved by one country alone. In this class we will examine the forces that affect competition and cooperation in a globalized world. Students will engage with influential social science literature on these topics, participate in classroom discussion, and take part in classroom activities, such as debates and policy-making simulations, to build a deeper understanding of these theories.

Vienna, Prague, Budapest: Politics, Culture, and Identity in Central Europe

The term Central Europe evokes the names of Freud and Mahler; Kafka and Kundera; Herzl, Lukács, and Konrád. In politics, it evokes images of revolution and counter-revolution, ethnic nationalism, fascism, and communism. Both culture and politics, in fact, were deeply embedded in the structures of empire-structures which both balanced and exacerbated ethnic, religious, and social struggles-in modern state formation, and in the emergence of creative and dynamic urban centers, of which Vienna, Budapest, and Prague were the most visible. This course seeks to put all of these elements into play-empire, nation, urban space, religion, and ethnicity-in order to illustrate what it has meant to be modern, creative, European, nationalist, or cosmopolitan since the 19th century.

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