International and Area Studies Major: Eurasian Studies

As an international and area studies major with a concentration in Eurasian studies, you will develop a broad understanding of the world, while exploring the diversity and richness of other cultures. In particular, you will focus on the historic and contemporary social, cultural, and economic interconnections among the peoples of Eurasia, the vast landmass stretching east/west from China to Europe.

sample courses:

The Anthropological and Sociological Study of Muslim Societies

This course introduces students to anthropolocial and sociological scholarship on Muslim societies. Attention will be given to the broad theoretical and methodological issues which orient such scholarship. The course explores the preceeding issues through a series of ethnographic and historical case studies, with a special focus on Muslim communities in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Case studies address a range of specific topics, including religious knowledge and authority, capitalism and economic modernization, religion and politics, gender and sexuality, as well as migration and globalization.

Writing Women of Imperial China

Although women of premodern China have often been portrayed as little more than long-suffering victims of male patriarchy and sexual repression, their lives were far more complicated, diverse, and interesting. Women played roles as filial daughters, dutiful wives, and devoted mothers, but also as proud courtesans, clever entrepreneurs, educated scholars and teachers, independent nuns, fierce warriors and even powerful rulers. Our main focus will be on how, over time, more and more women took up the brush and began to write themselves. In so doing they were able to express their own subjectivity and often radically reinscribe many of the notions of femininity and of female roles that were dominant during their times.

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