International and Area Studies Major

As an international and area studies major, you will develop a broad understanding of the world, while exploring the diversity and richness of other cultures. Majors complete a four-semester sequence of language instruction in your chosen language program, and you may choose to further concentrate in five specific areas: development, Eurasian studies, European studies, global cultural studies, and international affairs.

sample courses:

Silver, Slaves and the State: Globalization in the 18th Century

In this class, students will look at how silver, and also porcelain, tobacco and salt, shaped the early modern world. The course will look at how merchants and adventurers, as well as pilgrims, pirates, migrants, and captives, encountered very different facets of that world, and tried to make sense of it. This course will also study how these attempts at exchange, how that process of "making sense," transformed how men and women of the 18th century, around the globe, saw their territories and their fellow humans.

Gender, Sexuality, and Change in Africa

This course considers histories and social constructions of gender and sexuality in sub-Saharan Africa during the colonial and contemporary periods. We will examine gender and sexuality both as sets of identities and practices and as part of wider questions of work, domesticity, social control, resistance, and meaning. Course materials include ethnographic and historical materials and African novels and films.

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