East Asian Studies Major

As an East Asian studies major, you will undergo comprehensive study of the cultures and societies of East Asia in an interdisciplinary program that encompasses language, literature, history, anthropology, art history, film, philosophy and religious studies. Given the importance of East Asia in the global economy, career possibilities are expanding dramatically; our curriculum prepares students for East Asia-focused careers in academia, diplomacy, business, education and law, among other things.

sample courses:

From McDonald's to K-Pop: New Movements in East Asia

This course aims to help students to obtain competent knowledge about contemporary East Asian cultures and societies. We will explore a broad set of topics in a transregional setting, from gender, filial piety, and kinship to the upsurge of new waves, including consumer and pop cultures, the "cuteness" culture, and individualization. Our interrogation examines cultural variables, transregional dynamism, local receptions of "Western" influences, and the global impact of cultural movement in East Asia.

Culture, Illness, and Healing in Asia

This course examines the place of health, illness, and healing in Asian societies. We will explore how people experience, narrate, and respond to illness and other forms of suffering - including political violence, extreme poverty, and health inequalities. In lectures and discussions we will discuss major changes that medicine and public health are undergoing and how those changes affect the training of practitioners, health care policy, clinical practice and ethics. The course will familiarize students with key concepts and approaches in medical anthropology by considering case studies from a number of social settings including China, India, Indonesia,Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam and Asian immigrants in the United States. We will also investigate the sociocultural dimensions of illness and the medicalization of social problems in Asia.

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