Earth and Planetary Sciences Major: Geology

As an earth and planetary sciences major in the geology track, your studies concentrate on the geological aspects of Earth and other planets. Within the geology track, you will study the formation processes, spatial organization and tectonic origins, age, and chemistry of rocks on Earth and other planets.

sample courses:

Earth Forces

Basic concepts regarding the forces that act upon the Earth, how geological materials react to these forces, and the time scale over which they respond. Emphasis on physical concepts needed to understand the geodynamical behavior of the Earth over a broad range of length and time scales. Application and interpretation of geophysical methods to probe the interior of the Earth.

Earth History

Introduction to the concept of "deep time" and the parallel biological evolutionary and environmental changes that have occurred throughout Earth history. Topics include early evolution of life, rise of atmospheric oxygen, global glaciation, mass extinctions.

our students have gone on to become:

Economic Geologists

Environmental Consultants

Mining Geologists

Petroleum Geologists

Pollution Remediators

Planetary Scientists

Government Scientists (E.P.A., NASA, Fish & Wildlife Serivce, etc)