Drama Major

As a drama major, you will undertake an academically rigorous course of study with a strong grounding in theater history, dramatic literature, performance studies, and dramatic theory. You will develop your knowledge of theater by means of practice.

sample courses:


An introductory course in playwriting in which students write scenes and monologues and further explore their work through script-in-hand read-backs. Students learn the basic elements of character development, storytelling, structure, dialogue and the elemental differences between behaviorally driven dialogue and prose narrative. It's the perfect "playground" for students wishing to test their abilities in the arena of performance oriented writing. No playwriting experience required.

Introduction to American Musical Theater

Students will be taught basic interpretation of musical theater repertoire. The student will learn to analyze and perform songs with regard to melody and musical form. Acting techniques will be developed through lyric interpretation. Students will also be introduced to basic audition practice and etiquette.

our students have gone on to become:

Entertainment Company Executives





Script Writers