Dance Major

As a dance major, you will study dance as an independent and collaborative art and as a global phenomenon expressed in a wide variety of contemporary and traditional forms. Students are encouraged to consider dance from a variety of angles in their courses, including dance history and ethnology, theory and techniques of modern dance and ballet, composition, improvisation, applied anatomy, music resources, somatic practices, jazz, musical theater, and world dance forms such as West African and bharata.

sample courses:

Fundamentals of Classical Ballet

Designed for dancers with no previous training or knowledge of the development of ballet in America, a systematic introduction to the ballet technique, including traditional terminology, and introductory readings on American Ballet Theatre as a repository for classical and modern ballet repertoire of both American and European choreographers. Attention to basic anatomical concerns and body alignment as well as to the classical movement vocabulary.

Theory and Technique of Modern Dance V

Emphasis on versatility in movement vocabulary and on more complex and intensive technical work with discussion of theory inherent in the studio work. Related reading and projects. Variable content: may be repeated for credit in a subsequent semester.

our students have gone on to become:

Dance Instructors

Entertainment Company Executives