Classics Major

As a classics major, you will study Greek and/or Latin literature, read in the original languages. You will have access to the principal tools providing access to the riches of Greek and Roman civilizations: the languages themselves. As repositories of the greatest share of the formative works of the European tradition, they are our primary windows into the history and cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean until the late Middle Ages.

sample courses:

The Roman World

An introduction to the society and culture of the ancient Roman Republic and Empire. The "Roman World" began as a small settlement by the Tiber River and became a huge and diverse empire extending into three continents, with a cultural legacy that has lasted to this day. The course will cover key events over a millennium of Roman political history, but much of our time will be given to study and analysis of Roman concepts of national identity, moral and political thought, social hierarchies and dynamics, family, religion, and entertainment.

Greek History: The Age of Alexander

From the death of Socrates until the foundation of the Roman Empire, Greece and the Ancient Near East underwent profound changes that still resonate today. This course surveys the political, social, economic, and military developments of this period, especially Alexander the Great's legacy.

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