Chinese Language and Culture Major

As a Chinese language and culture major, you will undergo comprehensive study of Chinese culture and in an interdisciplinary program that encompasses language, literature, history, anthropology, art history, film, philosophy and religious studies. Apart from the wide range of courses offered through the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, you will be encouraged to enhance your cultural knowledge by enrolling in China-related courses offered through other departments and programs, such as anthropology, art history, film and media studies, history, performing arts, and religious studies.

sample courses:

Chinese Painting, Then and Now

Tracing the unbroken history of Chinese painting from the 1st through 21st centuries, we explore the full evolution of its traditions and innovations through representative works, artists, genres, and critical issues. From its ancient origins to its current practice, we will cover topics such as classical landscapes by scholar painters, the effects of Western contact on modern painting, the contemporary iconography of power and dissent, and theoretical issues such as authenticity, gender, and global art history.

Confucian Thought

This course is designed to introduce students to the history and teachings of one of the world's major religious traditions: Confucianism. We will examine how Confucianism developed in ancient China and afterwards spread throughout East Asia and beyond. In particular, we will pay attention to the issue of ritual and how Confucians attempted to ritualize social interactions and the world at large. In order to do so, we will engage in the writings of Confucius, Mengzi, and Xunzi, three early Chinese writers whose basic ideas about ritual heavily informed myriad cultural practices that are formative for large portions of East Asia today. Hence, this course on ancient thinkers not only introduces thoughts and practices prevalent throughout pre-modern China, Japan, and Korea.

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