Chemistry Major

As a chemistry major, you’ll study the structure and constitution of the microscopic world of atoms and molecules, the chemical and physical transformations that occur in it, and the principles that govern these changes. Chemistry is a central, multi-faceted science, extending in one direction into physics and mathematics, in another direction into biology and medicine, and in yet another into business and commerce.

sample courses:

Nucleic Acids

Structure, synthesis, properties, and interactions of nucleic acids, and the design and synthesis of nucleic acid-based and/or targeted drugs, probes and tools. Topics: primary, secondary, and tertiary structure; topological and thermodynamic properties; biological and chemical synthesis; DNA chips; PCR; site-directed natural and unnatural mutagenesis; chemical evolution (SELEX); ribozymes; phage display; carcinogen, drug and protein interactions; affinity cleaving; ultraviolet light and ionizing radiation damage, DNA repair of mutagenesis; design and synthesis of anti-sense and anti-gene probes and drugs. Extensive use is also made of molecular modeling and the protein databank of nucleic acid structures.

Solid-State and Materials Chemistry

The course begins with basic crystallography and introduces common inorganic structure types as well as some common defects in crystalline solids. Students are then taught to use phase diagrams to assess the compositions and microstructures of materials produced by various synthetic and processing methods. The relation between the atomic structure of a solid and it's resulting chemical reactivity and physical properties (e.g. optical, electrical, and mechanical) will be discussed throughout the semester. The thermodynamics and kiinetics of solid-state structural transformations and reactions (e.g. crystal nucleation and growth, alloying, oxidation,and ion intercalation/exchange) will also be explored.

our students have gone on to become:


Chemical Sales Representatives

Food Technologists

Patent Examiners


Quality Control Managers



Environmental Health Analysts