Biology Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

As a biology major in the biochemistry and molecular biology track, you will study the vital processes of all organisms and the environments in which they flourish. Within the biochemistry and molecular biology track, you will work with the structure and function of life’s essential macromolecules. You will focus on the chemical processes that these macromolecules facilitate within living organisms.

sample courses:

Microbiology Laboratory

After introducing students to the basics of bacterial growth and maintenance, this laboratory class employs genetics, cell biology, and genomics to explore various aspects of bacterial physiology, identification, gene structure and mutational analysis of physiological pathways.

Eukaryotic Genomes

An advanced exploration of the structure and function of DNA within the eukaryotic nucleus. Lecture and discussion cover topics of chromatin and chromosome structure, control of gene transcription, RNA processing, and DNA replication and repair. The relevance of these topics to the genetic basis of human disease is discussed. Throughout, the experimental data that shape our current understanding are emphasized. Course grades based on exams, problem sets and short papers.

our students have gone on to become:



Genetic Engineers

Healthcare Administrators



Physical Therapist