Innovative Approaches in mm-Wavelength Cosmology: From Inflation to the Epoch of Reionization and Beyond

Dr. Abigail Crites (Hosted by Buckley), California Institute of Technology

 I will describe how I use mm-wavelength instruments to explore our universe across cosmic time and to probe fundamental physics. I will broadly discuss both spectrometers and photometers such as CMB-S4, TIME, and future even more powerful mm-wavelength spectrometers that will allow us to study the universe, from the first fractions of a second after the big bang to the present day.  These new instruments and the detector technologies being developed in the field can be used to study 1) inflation and neutrinos via the cosmic microwave background; 2) the epoch of reionization; and 3) galaxies at the peak of star formation.  I will also provide updates from the currently ongoing field deployment of TIME at a 12m telescope at the Arizona Radio Observatory.