Honors Poster Symposium for Psychological and Brain Sciences

Please join the Psychological & Brain Sciences Department as they showcase the work of their 2021 Senior Honors students. Students will each give a 5-10 minute presentation followed by a Q&A discussing their Honors projects via individual breakout rooms.

A list of presenters alongside their project topics and indiviaul Zoom links can be found below:


Amanda Arbuckle

The Association between Reported Exercise, Hippocampal Volume, and Spatial Memory

Advisor: Dr. Denise Head



Morgan Batley

Race, Preterm Birth, Disadvantage, and the Social-Emotional Functioning of School-Aged Children in the United States

Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Rogers



Emily Bernstein

Children's Resource Allocations: The Effect of Recipient Racial Group and Resource Type

Advisor: Dr. Lori Markson



Allyson Bisgay

How Communication During Conflict Mediates the Relationship Between Personality Traits and Marital Satisfaction 20 Years Later

Advisor: Dr. Joshua Jackson



Mingjia Chen

The Effect of Overprotective Parenting on Overcontrolled Tendencies in Children and Anxiety Related Symptoms

Advisor: Dr. Kirsten Gilbert



Lucy Cohen

Exploring the Relationship Between Depression and Loneliness Through Factor Analysis

Advisors: Dr. Tom Oltmanns and Dr. Ryan Bogdan



Heather Elliott

Beliefs about how sleep affects memory impact judgments of learning (JOLs): Evidence that people can make belief-based+ JOLS

Advisor: Dr. Kathleen McDermott



Abby Graegin

Long-Term Adaptation to Noise-vocoded Speech

Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peelle



Kyra Hamerling-Potts

Attachment and Interpersonal Emotion Regulation

Advisor: Dr. Tammy English



Alli Hollender

The COVID-19 Era: Effects of Online Learning on Overcontrolled Youth

Advisor: Dr. Kristin Gilbert



Sarah Horwitz

Collective Remembering in Argentina: An Analysis of the Narratives of the Recovered Grandchildren of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo

Advisors: Dr. Pascal Boyer and Dr. Jim Wertsch



Katie Jackson

Empathy, Outgroup Bias, and Politics: Is Dispositional Empathy an ‘Antidote’ for Political Polarization

Advisor: Dr. Alan Lambert



Jenny Kim

Distinct Activation Profiles of the Locus Coeruleus Differentially Alter Anxiety-like Behavior

Advisor: Dr. Jordan McCall



Kirby Knapp

Dimensional Changes in Psychopathology and Health in Older Adults

Advisor: Dr. Joshua Jackson



Adam Litwin

Compensatory Couple Effects: How a Spouse’s Life Goals Impact One’s Own Career Success and Health

Advisor: Dr. Joshua Jackson



Megan Maxwell

Relationship between Neighborhood Poverty and Children's Externalizing Symptoms as Mediated/Moderated by Environmental and Neurological Factors

Advisor: Dr. Deanna Barch



Ara Nazmiyal

Picky Eating in Children: Associations with IQ & Executive Function

Advisor: Dr. Kirsten Gilbert



Maddie Noyes

Bilingual Comprehension of Speech in Noise

Advisor: Dr. Kristin van Engen



Adina Ornstein

Spelling Novel Homophones: Implications for the Principle of Lexical Distinctiveness

Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Treiman



Cameron Perrin

The Effects of Background Noise on Auditory Event Segmentation

Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Peelle



Lydia Qu

Relationship between Transdiagnostic Cognitive Dysfunctions, Intrinsic Connectivity Networks and Clinical Symptoms

Advisor: Dr. Deanna Barch



Gautam Ramanathan

The Impact of the Type of Retrieval Practice on the Testing Effect

Advisor: Dr. Henry Roediger



Chavez Rodriquez

Exploring the Combined Effect of Social Anxiety Disorder and Trauma on Interpersonal Functioning and Friendship Quality

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Rodebaugh



Arvin Sarkissian

Single-Subject Parcellation in Cognitive Control fMRI Task Analyses

Advisors: Dr. Joset Etzel and Dr. Todd Braver



Rachel Silberstein

Children's Understanding of Structural Racial Inequality

Advisor: Dr. Lori Markson



Emily Spector

Individual Differences in Concept-Building Approach: A Predictor of Performance and Attitudes in College Statistics

Advisor: Dr. Shaina Rowell



David Steinberger

The Depression-Cognition Link in Late Childhood

Advisor: Dr. Deanna Barch



Michael Wang

Generative Modeling of Brain Dynamics and Connectivity from Resting-State MEG

Advisors: Dr. Matthew Singh and Dr. Todd Braver



Amanda Yu

Implicit Racial Bias in Children and Adults: Positive Outgroup Exemplars as an Intervention to Bias Development

Advisors:  Dr. Lori Markson and Dr. Calvin Lai