French Multimedia Poetry: discussion with Anne-James Chaton

French Multimedia Poetry: discussion with Anne-James Chaton

In connection with Lionel Cuillé's seminar on "Experimental Writings: Literature and Science," you are invited to join in a discussion with multimedia/performance poet Anne-James Chaton

Anne-James Chatonn was a fellow at the Villa Medici, French Academy in Rome in 2020–2021. He received the Bernard Heidsieck-Centre Pompidou International Prize for Literature in 2022. 

He has developed a multi-faceted work, based on a study of the textual materials that punctuate the daily life of contemporary societies. This “poor” literature, produced on a daily basis by a multitude of machines—cash register receipts, museum entrance tickets, leaflets, business cards, credit cards, subscriptions, etc.—constitutes the material for his textual work, which is also used in the production of his work.

The plural and polyglot dimension of his work has led him to develop projects with artists from other scenes and other languages. He has created pieces with Phia Ménard, Sylvain Prunenec, Valeria Giuga, and has written numerous albums with guitarist Andy Moor (The Ex), and Sonic Youth member Thurston Moore. His books are published by Al Dante and P.O.L., his visual works are shown by the Far West Gallery and his sound compositions are published on the German label Noton. 

His recent books: Vies d'hommes illustres d'après les écrits d'hommes illustres, éditions Al Dante, 2011; Elle regarde passer les gens, Verticales, 2016; L'affaire La Pérouse, P.O.L, 2019; Vie et mort de l'homme qui tua John F. Kennedy, P.O.L., 2020

Anne-James Chaton will first present his work through a series of performances, followed by a Q&A. You can come to the class in person, or join online.

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