Break into Medical School

Return early during Fall Break, and join us on Tuesday, October 15th for a day of pre-med workshops to help prepare you to apply this May/June.  We will explain what to expect in the year ahead and how your prehealth advisor can help. We will also strategize about letters of recommendation and begin to examine how to develop an effective narrative for your application.  Addressing these topics now will give you ample time to research schools, assess your portfolio and do some tweaking if necessary, and ultimately be in a strong position to apply at the beginning of this summer.
This program is designed primarily for medical school applicants because of their accelerated timeline.  Other health professions programs have varying application timelines and processes.  If you are prehealth but not applying to medical school, be sure to make an appointment to see a prehealth advisor for a similar check-up and strategy session!  See you on Tuesday the 15th!

The cost for the programming will be $20. Registration will be open soon.

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