Aging T32 Postdoc Fellow Job Talk - “Discrimination and Purpose in Life: The Path Forward”

Megan Wilson Wolk, Ph.D. Washington University

Abstract: Purpose in life has broad benefits across the lifespan, yet little research to date has examined purpose in life as it relates to marginalization. This constraint of past work limits the perspective by which purpose can be considered a tool for healthy aging, particularly given the well-documented disparities in health for individuals from marginalized groups. This talk will thus focus on 3 avenues of research that aim to examine purpose in life from a marginalization perspective, and provide further understanding for how purpose may provide a path for greater health and well-being for individuals who experience marginalization. The talk will close by discussing paths for future work to utilize purpose in life as a tool for healthy aging for individuals from all backgrounds and groups.


This talk is hybrid, so you can also attend via Zoom. 

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