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Budget & Administration

Find contact information, guides, and forms to help answer your questions about budget, finance, and personnel issues.

Budget & Finance

Budget and Finance provides assistance with budgetary policy and requests, as well as support with finance requests or special reporting needs. The main contacts in this area are:

Larry Kuykendall
Associate Dean, Finance and Administration
205 South Brookings 
tel 314-935-6857  

Meredith Gugger
Director, Budgeting and Accounting
205 South Brookings
tel 314-935-6399

Contact Larry to discuss:
Non-payroll document approval
Budgetary policy issues
Budget questions and requests
Fiscal year closing policies & procedures
Special funding requests
Requests for cost-sharing
Overhead waivers
Interdepartmental & interschool issues
Endowment & gift accounting questions
Long-range planning questions
Research accounts

Contact Meredith to discuss:
Budget questions and requests
Budgetary policy issues
Budget and financial reporting needs
Cognos questions and access
New account requests
Training requests
Research accounts

Financial Services page
Business Intelligence Data Warehouse (BIDW) page
Financial Information Systems help page

Personnel Policies and Procedures

Arts & Sciences employs more than 1,000 faculty and staff, making it the University’s largest group on the Danforth Campus. The office of the Dean of Faculty supports faculty and staff with Human Resources issues.

Jonathan Cohen
Assistant Dean, Administration
205 South Brookings
tel 314-935-7366
fax 314-935-8504

Contact Jonathan to discuss:
HR document approval
Appointments & reappointments
Sourcing and payroll
Offer letters & appointment letters
Tenure forms & issues
Leave-of-absence & FMLA issues
Hiring & terminating
Raises, promotions, & bonuses
Job reclassification & evaluation

Budgetary Assistant Guide

The online "Budgetary Assistant Guide" provides Arts & Sciences budgetary assistants with a summary of their responsibilities as well as information on Washington University and Arts & Sciences financial-related policies and procedures. You can access the "Budgetary Assistant Guide" on Office 365 (OneNote Online) using your WUSTL key for current forms and financial policies.

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Personnel Policies & Forms