Science Research Roundup: November and December 2017

Over the past two months, Arts & Sciences researchers have been awarded grants from institutions including the Cancer Research Foundation and the American Society of Primatologists.

Arpita Bose, assistant professor of biology, was awarded $398,000 from the U.S. Army Contracting Command toward a research project titled "Expanding our understanding of how microbes interact with charged surfaces."

Jonathan Barnes, assistant professor of chemistry, received $75,000 as winner of the Cancer Research Foundation's Young Investigator Award. The award will support a research project titled "A novel supramacromolecular approach to non-toxic combination anti-cancer therapeutics."

Garland E. Allen, professor emeritus of biology, received the History of Science Society’s 2017 Sarton Medal for lifetime scholarly achievement at the society’s annual meeting in Toronto last month. Allen’s research explores the history and philosophy of biology with particular emphasis on the interrelationships between genetics, embryology and evolution.

Victoria May, director of the Institute for School Partnership and assistant dean of Arts & Sciences, received $45,000 from The Boeing Company in support of STEMpact Education Initiatives.

Philip Skemer, associate professor of earth and planetary sciences, received a $39,000 grant from the National Science Foundation in support of a conference on experimental studies of subduction zone processes. 

Brian Carpenter, professor of psychological & brain sciences, received $10,000 in seed funding from the Gary and Mary West Foundation, by way of the California State University Institute for Palliative Care. The funds will support a research project titled "Enhancing palliative care knowledge through a national lifelong learning network." 

Krista Milich, assistant professor of biological anthropology, received $2,000 from the American Society of Primatologists as winner of the 2017 Deborah Moore Memorial Award.

Julie M. Bugg, associate professor of psychological & brain sciences, and William E. Wallace, the Barbara Murphy Bryant Distinguished Professor of Art History, have been honored with 2017 Emerson Electric Co. “Excellence in Teaching” awards. Each year, honorees are chosen by their schools and by the university’s Teaching Center for their innovation and leadership in teaching. 

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