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Celebrating teaching-track faculty promotions in Arts & Sciences

Congratulations to the 17 teaching-track faculty members in Arts & Sciences who recently earned promotions! Teaching-track faculty make vital contributions to Arts & Sciences by lending their expertise and voices to mission-critical activities across campus. New resources and practices aim to bolster their development and success.

Teaching-track faculty play a pivotal role in the mission of Arts & Sciences. As pedagogy experts, they teach and develop courses, support academic programs and departments, and ensure the Arts & Sciences community continually benefits from the latest techniques in higher education instruction.

Throughout the past academic year, teaching-track faculty have collaborated with school leadership to identify new resources and practices that would make their work and expertise more effective. This includes representation on key committees and initiatives, added transparency in the promotion process, and expanded training for faculty members and department chairs.

“Exceptional faculty are the cornerstone of a Washington University education,” said Feng Sheng Hu, dean of Arts & Sciences. “Our teaching-track faculty deliver world-class instruction to our students, and it’s important that we continue working with them to develop resources and opportunities that foster their professional growth and success.”

Recently, the tenure and promotion committee has expanded to give teaching-track faculty a voice in the school-level promotion process. Sudeshna Bandyopadhyay, teaching professor in economics, said having a seat at the table for those conversations has been valuable.

“It is important for all involved to appreciate how teaching-track jobs are distinct from research-focused, tenure-track jobs,” Bandyopadhyay said. “I truly appreciate our representation on this committee.”

Additional updates include new guidelines and dossier templates for teaching-track promotions, a measure designed to make the system more transparent, said Andrew Brown, vice dean of faculty affairs.

Martin Riker, a senior lecturer in English, recently went through the process as part of his promotion to teaching professor. “The English department faculty were very supportive, and colleagues on both the teaching- and tenure-tracks were very giving of their time and support,” he said. Riker also noted the professional support and enthusiasm he and others in the department received from Abram Van Engen, English chair.

Recognizing that department chairs and directors play a key role in the development of teaching-track faculty, Arts & Sciences leadership ramped up training and resources for these positions, too. This includes two workshop series — one for new chairs and a second for mid-career faculty, including senior lecturers — led by Adia Harvey Wingfield, vice dean of faculty development and diversity.

“Teaching-track faculty shape the lives and scholarship of our students,” Wingfield said. “It is important to me and everyone in the Dean’s Office that they have a say in the academic life of their departments and our school.”

The following teaching-track faculty members in Arts & Sciences have earned promotions effective July 1, 2023. Congratulations to all!

Promoted to Teaching Professor

April Bednarski, Biology

Amy Eisen Cislo, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Eleanor Pardini, Environmental Studies

Martin Riker, English

David Schuman, English

Victoria Thomas, English

Wei Wang, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Promoted to Senior Lecturer

Cynthia Barounis, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Kate Hanes, Biology

Wren Henderson, English

Dustin R. Iler, College Writing

Elena V. Kravchenko, Religious Studies

Scott Krummenacher, Environmental Studies

Silvia Ledesma Ortiz, Romance Languages and Literatures

Bryn Lutes, Chemistry

Deirdre Maitre, Film and Media Studies

Michael O'Bryan, English