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Congratulations, fall 2020 graduates!

The College of Arts & Sciences' fall 2020 virtual recognition ceremony features remarks from Dean Jennifer R. Smith and Chancellor Andrew D. Martin. Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Celebrating our fall 2020 graduates


Congratulations, graduates!

Each one of you has invested years of extraordinary work – work that will shape your lives, your communities, and the world. You have grown academically and personally, and you will leave an incredible mark on Washington University and the College of Arts & Sciences. We are grateful you chose to spend your college years with us, and we are proud to welcome you into our family of alumni. 

As we celebrate this milestone, our lives all look much different than when you first arrived on campus. That you have succeeded despite all the challenges, and have done so with grit, tenacity, and grace is a testament to you and your character. Take a breath and recognize the immensity of what you have accomplished.

Please know that your friends, teachers, and community here in Arts & Sciences will remain your steadfast champions as you make your mark in the world. We can’t wait to see what you’ll do next.

Congratulations, Class of 2020!

With our deepest gratitude and best wishes,

Jennifer R. Smith
Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Feng Sheng Hu
Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Lucille P. Markey Distinguished Professor in Arts & Sciences


Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts Degree*

Sabreen Abedilkader Abdullah
Steven Ahn
Brian Alda
Alison Elizabeth Almgren-Bell
Matan Alon
Elijah Armstrong
Nyawung Lillian Asonganyi
Emma Lorraine Baker
Akshay Balaji
Aaron Bao
Ashton Mae Barber
Elizabeth Ellis Baxter
Mary Eleanor Bertrand
Ansley Calandra
Arielle Tamar Calem
Josephine Sarah Campbell
William John Gorman Carnevale
James Takuya Caudell
Rayvanth Chappidi
Isabel Mitchell Chard
Jingwen Chen
Karen Q. Chen
Yongzhen Chen
Martin Cheng
Brandon Chia
Alina Chow
Charles Andrew Christensen III
Hyunjin Chung
Caroline Elizabeth Daily
Jack Vincent DeSalvo
Alec Francis Dominick
Aja Drain
Heman Lawrence Duplechan
Olivia Madeline Emanuel
Zoe Maya Engels
Annella Marie Fernandez
Scott Fong
Carolyn Gabrielle Fox
Emily Katz Fox
Ashley Rose Frey
Jada ShaNel Gardner
Michael James Geistler
Mackenzie Nicole Glassner
Alec Evan Haber
Lily Hamer
Delores Mawuse Hanson
Katherine Elizabeth Hayes
Whitney Nicole Heard
Benjamin Joseph Hezi
Allison Emily Hollender
Jessica Rose Hood
Christopher Josef Hopkins
Yueling Huang
Jeeho Im
Muskaan Prashansa Jain
Omar Jeelani
Kevin Jiang
Marius Kean Johnson
Anne Virginia Eveline Johnston
Nikita Ketan Joshi
Juliet Wanyi Kamau
Benjamin Lee Kelsky
Lena Bipin Khanolkar
David John Kibbe
Dong Hyun Kim
Seohyun Kim
Hannah D. Langsam
Alexander Larson
Angela Jeesoo Lee
Hyun Yup Harry Lee
Ju Seung Isaac Lee
Sarah Terry Levine
Chen Xi Li
James Li
Michael Li
Cheyenne Caressa- Florrie Love
Gabriel Joseph Manak
John Willis McClellan IV
Semhar Mekonnen
Noga Chaya Melnick
Noah Alexander Miller
Khalid Murray
Lerroy Mwatibo Mwaghore
Maia Jay Nagle
Camille Isabel Negrón Morales
Rogelio Paredes-Flores
Havisha Pedamallu
Yu Pei
Elizabeth Ana Pereyra
Monica Mary Perumattam
Tomas Alexander Pouls
Nathan Joseph Praeger
Tian Qin
Nicole Rachel Rabenou
Benjamin Rappolee
Kayla Reed
Lara Drake Rix
Abigail Rodler
Janelli Rodriguez
Hayley Elise Sanchez
Sabrina Sayed
Max Harold Schmitz
Kathleen Elizabeth Snodgrass
Andrew Song
Emily Ann Stewart
Richard Jiacheng Sun
Stephanie Sun
Jim Tang
Abigail Tellez
Whitney Lynne Thomas
Chunqi Tian
Evelyn Tran
Samuel Burke Trotter
Aaron Michael Tucker
Rachel Leanne Ulbrich
Salil Uttarwar
Monique Fares Garcia Vieira
Sydney Rose Wasserman
Morgan Chinara Weatherall
Noah Louis Weisskopf
Danielle Marie Wilder
Emily Grace Wood
Ling Yan
Shannon Eden Young IV
Grace Jingru Yuan
Alexandra Sarah Zak
Yumeng Zou

* The above students have submitted an intent to graduate to the University Registrar. Until the College Office makes a final check of each student's record, it will not be known whether these candidates for the Bachelor of Arts Degree have fulfilled all degree requirements.