Alumni in Action

Our alumni take the banner of Arts & Sciences into their daily lives, and the work, wisdom and well-being of our alumni are inspiring. Learn about what your colleagues are doing now, and find ways to stay involved with classmates and the Washington University community.

Our alumni are Arts & Sciences in action

Our students make themselves known through service to the community, academic awards, and their own research and work to make Washington University a vibrant and thriving institution of higher learning.

Arts & Sciences is proud of every student, faculty member, and alumnus who is part of our legacy, and we celebrate all those who find big and small ways to construct meaningful lives after graduation. You inspire us through your actions and successes. Every year at the Distinguished Alumni Awards, we honor Arts & Sciences graduates who exemplify the ideals of a liberal arts education, and in so doing bring honor to Washington University through their lives, work, and service. 

Keep a lifelong connection

Commencement is not the end of your relationship with Washington University - merely the end of one chapter, and the start of another. Arts & Sciences is proud to offer information on opportunities for our alumni to stay informed, stay connected, and strengthen their ties with the school and one another.

For more information about ways to build the bond between yourself and Arts & Sciences, please visit Staying Connected or contact a member of the Arts & Sciences Alumni & Development staff.

Share Your Good News...

Let others know what you have been doing since graduation by sharing information, such as marriages, births, job promotion, achievements and much more! 

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2017 Distinguished Alumni: Joe Madison

Arts & Sciences recognizes extraordinary alumni for significant achievements. Joe Madison AB ’71 was one of the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients.