Alumni Staying Connected

Today there are dozens of cities in the United States and around the world with significant alumni populations where you can get involved.

Arts & Sciences alumni are leaders in fields ranging from medicine to teaching to management, and everything in between. Our graduates are also leaders in the alumni community, serving to help build and strengthen the connection to Washington University that remains long after the last test has been taken and the last paper written.

Thousands of alumni, parents and friends around the world donate their time and talent to Washington University. Many of these volunteers - our key leaders in St. Louis and around the country - focus their attention on Arts & Sciences. Their work builds alumni ties and supports students—and plays a critical role in sustaining and strengthening the Washington University mission.

There are many opportunities to keep a lifelong connection to Washington University. If you aren't sure which opportunity is just right for you, contact the Arts & Sciences Alumni & Development staff to discuss your interests and explore potential opportunities to get involved.

Join Us!

Alumni events are held on a regular basis in cities across the globe. These events run the gamut from young alumni-focused happy hours to networking for emerging leaders, and academic lectures for all ages.

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Alumni Involvement Opportunities

  • Affinity and Special Interest Groups

    Many vibrant ethnic, cultural, interest and activity groups enrich student and alumni educational experiences at the university. 
  • Alumni and Parents Admission Program (APAP)

    The APAP is a group of dedicated Washington University alumni and parents who are interested in assisting with the undergraduate admissions process.
  • Alumni Association

    The Washington University Alumni Association boasts more than 100,000 members, 50,000 of them holding degrees in Arts & Sciences.
  • Career Center

    Alumni are invited to provide their expertise, or job opportunities, to students through the Washington University Career Center. Alumni represent key partners in helping students pursue their passions beyond Washington University in St. Louis.
  • ​​​​​​​Eliot Society Committee

    We rely on our committee members to provide information on prospects in their area, solicit at the Eliot Society level, assist with event plans, and promote the university and the Eliot Society among alumni and parents.
  • The Lead, Engage, Achieve, Donate (LEAD) Initiative

    The LEAD Initiative is a collaborative effort that unites alumni ages 50 and younger across several schools and programs. LEAD alumni seek meaningful opportunities to connect with the university and their peers in order to make a difference.
  • Regional Cabinets

    Washington University’s 21 Regional Cabinets provide some of the university’s most distinguished volunteers and supporters in cities outside St. Louis with a forum to exchange ideas and share information about their efforts on the university’s behalf.
  • Reunion

    The Washington University Reunion offers an opportunity to celebrate your education with the lifelong friends formed in classes, dormitories, and early-morning study groups.
  • Travel and Education Programs

    Travel and education programs offer learning, cultural enhancement and professional development through a variety of programs that include on- and off-campus lectures by our world-renowned faculty.
  • Visit Campus

    Visit campus for one of the many academic presentations, celebrations, and networking events; we encourage all alumni, parents, and friends to attend.
  • Volunteering

    Volunteering provides excellent opportunities for networking with other alumni and friends of Washington University and deepens your connection to the school, no matter where you live.