Stephen D. Williamson 

Robert S. Brookings Distinguished Professor in Arts and Sciences  
Department of Economics  
250 McMillan, Campus Box 1208  
Washington University in St. Louis  
St. Louis, MO 63130 
Curriculum Vitae 


PhD, Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1984  
MA, Economics, Queen's University, 1979  
B.Sc.(Honours,Mathematics), Queen's University, 1977  

Positions Held 

Robert S. Brookings Distinguished Professor in Arts and Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis, 2006-  
Research Fellow, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 2006-  
Chester A. Phillips Professor of Financial Economics, University of Iowa, 1999-2006  
Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, 1998-  
Professor, University of Iowa, 1992-2006  
Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario, 1989-1992  
Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 1987-1989  
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario, 1985-1987  
Assistant Professor, Queen's University, 1984-1987  
Economist, Bank of Canada, 1979-1980  


Blog posts on macroeconomics, monetary economics, and policy at New Monetarist Economics.


Monetary Economics  
Financial Intermediation  


Undergraduate Intermediate Macroeconomics  
Graduate Core Macro Theory  
Graduate Monetary Economics  

These are some notes I have used in a second-semester core PhD macro course, covering labor search and monetary search. Notes on Search

I have an intermediate macro text for undergraduates, Macroeconomics, published by Pearson (Addison-Wesley), in U.S. and Canadian editions. Please look under "Books" below for web links.

These are some slides for lectures at Queen's University, Kingston Ontario. Queen's slides.

Published Articles 

"Liquidity, Financial Intermediation, and Monetary Policy in a New Monetarist Model," American Economic Review 102, 2570-2605, 2012.  
"New Monetarist Economics: Understanding Unconventional Monetary Policy," Economic Record 88, 10-21, 2012.  
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Macroeconomics, first Canadian edition, Pearson Education Canada, 2004.  
Macroeconomics, second edition, Pearson (Addison-Wesley), 2005.  
Macroeconomics, second Canadian edition, Pearson Education Canada, 2007.  
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Comments, Reviews, etc. 

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Working Papers 

"Credit Markets, Limited Commitment, and Government Debt," with Francesca Carapella. 
"Keynesian Inefficiency and Optimal Policy: A New Monetarist Approach"  
"Scarce Collateral, the Term Premium, and Quantitative Easing"  
"Central Bank Purchases of Private Assets"  
"Collateral Scarcity, Inflation, and the Policy Trap: A New Monetarist Perspective"  

Supplementary Appendices for Published Work 

"Appendix to Monetary Policy and Distribution"  
"Appendix to 'Liquidity, Monetary Policy, and the Financial Crisis'"