Glenn Davis Stone

Prof. of Anthropology & Environmental Studies
Washington University
St. Louis, MO 63130

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Selected recent publications. 2014 Biosecurity in the Age of Genetic Engineering in Bioinsecurity; The Problem with the Farmers Voice Agric & Human Values; Japanese Agricultural Show Village; 2013 Rhythms of the Herd Technology in Society; Overpopulation and Small Farmers of Oakwood Fieldquestions blog; Trials of Genetically Modified Food Food Culture & Soc; 2012 Constructing Facts: Bt Cotton in India Econ Pol Weekly; GM Crops: From St Louis to India Anth News; 2011 Field vs Farm in Warangal: Bt Cotton, Higher Yields, and Larger Questions World Devel; Suicide, Culture & E-Agriculture Science, Tech & Human Values; 2010 Anthropology of Genetically Modified Crops  Annual Review of Anthropology. (more on cv)

Recent talks and interviews. 2014 National Academy of Sciences presentation; Univ Cork; UNC-Charlotte; 2013 Wageningen; Heidelberg keynote; Dartmouth; Indiana U; Lynchburg Coll. 2012 Voice of America interview; Yale S. Asia Program; Dalhousie U.; Al Jazeera TV interview; Northwestern U. Human Rights Conf. 2011 Down To Earth interview; School of Advanced Research; U. Minnesota; Max Planck Inst, Germany; Yale Biotechnology Program. 2010 NPR Science Friday w/ Ira Flatow.





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