Robert E. Morrell
Professor Emeritus of Japanese Literature & Buddhism
Department of Asian & Near Eastern Languages & Literatures
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri 63130

"There is not just one method for entering the Way, the causes and conditions for enlightenment being many. Once a person understands their general significance, he will see that the purport of the various teachings does not vary. And when he puts them into practice, he will find that the goal of the myriad religious practices is the same. ... And so, from among casual digressions this old monk extracts the sacred teaching, and among humorous anecdotes he points out the theory and practice of Buddhism. ... Those who search for gold extract it from sand; those who take pleasure in jewels gather pebbles and polish them. So I call this book the Collection of Sand and Pebbles."

Mujū Ichien (無住一円, 1226-1312) from the Preface to his Shasekishū (沙石集 1279-1283)

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