Biblical Greek Resources

Resources--A select but by no means exhaustive annotated list of web sites useful for students of the Greek NT (Note: several links relating to more specific content-oriented New Testament materials may be found on my NT/Early/Later Christianity page)

Active, Middle, and Passive: Understanding Ancient Greek Voice This is a 9-page introduction to how the different voices in ancient Greek work; it is intended to give practical guidance based upon principles set forth in the longer article indicated above, "New Observations on Ancient Greek Voice."
An Overview of the Ancient Greek Verb: it consists of a section A that tabulates all the endings of the finite verb as well as infinitives and participles, and a section B that catalogs the six tense-systems in terms of roots and stems formed from those roots and illustrates the linking of stems and endings by presenting "synopses" of a particular person and number.
Biblical Resources All-in-one Search Page Mark Goodacre's page from which Biblical texts or information can be searched and opened quickly.
B-Greek Home Page This site gives basic information for the B-Greek e-mail discussion list which focuses strictly on problems of grammar, syntax, or diction in NT or OT Greek texts or on the Greek language of the NT or of the LXX form of the OT.
B-Greek Info Page (Mailman): This site is the current home base of the B-Greek e-mail discussion list; one can join the list here in order to receive distributed messagess.
B-Greek Archives (MailMan): This site allows you to access the current postings to B-Greek as well as those extending back into the later 1990's.
B-Greek Archives This site has archives of earlier postings before B-Greek moved to its present site at Chapel Hill, NC, from before May 1998 all the way back to the earlier 1990's.
Bible: Morphologically-tagged Grk, Heb, Parallel texts: This site has Greek and Hebrew texts of the Old and New Testaments as well as a parallel version of the Hebrew and Greek Old Testament, all morphologically tagged for grammatical analysis.
Bible Study Tools This site has a great many resources, including a search for any Biblical passage in a great variety of translations, lexical tools for Greek and Hebrew, original texts in Greek (but you must download and install the font into your system to read them), and several commentaries. It does take some effort to learn to navigate through this site, but it's worth it.
Bible-Translation Home Page This site contains a wealth of information and resources on philosophies of Biblical translation and the many different versions currently in print or accessible in many languages. It also provides an entry for those interesting in joining the Bible-Translation e-mail discussion list.
Bible-Translation Archives This site houses the archives of all messages distributed by the Bible-Translation e-mail discussion list.
Biblica's Online Partial Edition - Index Biblica is the journal of Biblical studies published by the Pontifical Institute (at the Vatican); this site makes accessible texts of articles published in the journal in recent years.
Biblical Maps Mark Goodacre's links to a variety of web-accessible maps useful for Biblical study.
BST Interlinear Bible Greek and Hebrew Interlinear texts of passages searched can be read at the Bible Study Tools site noted above.
BST Greek Lexicon A fairly simple Greek lexicon for the Greek NT, keyed to Strong's numbers, at the Bible Study Tools site listed above.
Biblical Greek Resources (R. Decker) A very rich page of resources, many of them prepared by Rod Decker himself for his seminary classes in Biblical Greek.
Biblical Studies on the Web Resources at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Vatican).
Biblical Studies Resources 1 (Hivolda) This gives access to Torrey Seland's site in Norway and offers an overview of all the resources he has assembled for many aspects of Biblical studies.
Biblical Studies Resources 2 (Mundelein) Another excellent overview of resources for Biblical studies.
Biblical Studies Resources 3 (Goodacre) A thorough and well-organized catalogue of resources for Biblical studies, particularly for the New Testament.
Biblical Studies Resources 4 (Willker) Another excellent overview of resources for Biblical studies, including some pages on documents important especially for Synoptic Gospels studies.
Burton Moods & Tenses An older but still very valuable grammar resource for the NT Greek verb.
Compendium of Greek Phonology This is my own summary of some of the chief phonological factors involved in Greek morphology and lexicology; it is intended to render the memorization of apparently irregular paradigms more intelligible, even if no less tedious to learn. This PDF file is pages 63-75 of A Supplement to Reading Greek, an unpublished book of materials originally prepared for my students in Beginning Greek at Washington University. I am now in the process of revising it as as "Supplement to Beginning Greek Textbooks" for use with a variety of Classical Attic and Koine primers.
Funk, Beginning-Intermediate Grammar of Hellenistic Greek: Introductory materials: This is an extract from Robert W. Funk's 3-volume textbook of Koine greek, first published in 1973 and long out of print. The materials here extracted set forth the rationale of Funk's method and sketch the linguistic framework on which the textbook and teaching program are organized. I have long thought that these are the principles that ought to govern the teaching and learning of ancient Greek at any level, whether Homeric, Classical Attic, or Koine.
German NT Resources W. Willker's listing of resources in German, many overlapping those cited above as "Biblical Studies Resources 4."
Gramcord Institute Producers of major Bible study resources on CD-ROM for both Windows ("Gramcord") and Macintosh ("AcCordance") platforms. Downloadable samples of what is available, including Greek NT and Hebrew OT modules as well as ancillary resources such as dictionaries and diagramming tools.
Greek NT (Fowler) A text of the Greek NT that can be read at the site if one has the Greek fonts installed in one's system.
Greek NT Editions Vincent Broman's links to just about all forms of the NT Greek text that can be accessed on the Internet.
Greek NT Links (Stephen Cox) More links to resources for study of the Greek NT.
Greek NT Notes Peter Misselbrook's notes for classes reading the Greek New Testament in small increments (about 25 verses at a time); the segments are downloadable Microsoft Word (Windows 95 or 6.0) files that can be read with a downloadable Greek font available at this site.
International Standard Version Another of the very recent new Biblical versions in English.
Into the New Testament Good online introduction to the skills involved in reading and exegesis of original-language Biblical Texts.
IrregularVerbsGNT.pdf A listing that I've drawn up from the vocabulary of Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek, indicating frequency in the GNT, basic English meanings, principal parts, form(s) of the simple root of the verb, and some comment on idiosyncracies of each verb.
Koine/Classical Greek Comparison Jay Treat's relatively brief but useful account of some of the major differences between Classical Attic Greek and the Greek of the New Testament. In order to read the Greek, you need to download the SPIonic Greek font and install it in your system--but you'll find this font useful at many other sites on the web also where Greek text is displayed.
Koine Greek Documents
Lectionary Resources This is Jenee Woodard's rich page of resources associated with the liturgical calendar of scripture readings; if you explore it a bit, you'll find that there are useful resources for the reader of the Greek texts of the passages in question.
LXX Discussion List Home page for an e-mail discussion group on the Septuagint, the Greek version of the Old Testament.
Little Greek - Fonts for NT Greek Jonathan Robie's listing, with a display of how each looks, of fonts available for writing and reading Greek on various computer systems. Some of these are free, others at various prices.
NetBible (version w/ comm.) "New English Translation": this is a very interesting project; the site has frames wherein one may read the translation of any particular Biblical passage and link to hypertext references in other frames giving more detailed information on original language problems and brief commentary.
New Living Translation Another new English version; more a paraphrase than a "literal" or "dynamic equivalence" translation.
NewObsAncGrkVc.pdf "New Observations on Ancient Greek Voice": PDF version of my Nov. 19, 2002 expansive revision of my original B-Greek message of May 27, 1997, "Observations on Ancient Greek Voice."
Online Greek NT (Bremen) Westcott-Hort text from 1881, combined with the NA26/27 variants; this is in the Greek "symbol" font and is designed for reading in a Windows 95 format.
Original Bible Project One of several brand-new English translation projects.
Oxford Theological Resources page An excellent full listing of links to resources for scholarly study of the Bible at Oxford University.
Page One-Biblical Resources This is the opening page of Torrey Seland's site in Norway (see the link above); this page is strictly devoted to Biblical texts and aids.
SBL website or, if that doesn't work, try this one at Scholars Press.
UBS GNT Transliterated & Parsed The text of the United Bible Societies Greek New Testament in a transliterated form with parsing of the words to assist grammatical understanding.
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