Classics Resources

Almost all significant sites in the Classics can be accessed from one of three well-organized resource lists, copies of which may be accessed right here. There is Maria Pantelia's Electronic Resources for Classicists: The Second Generation; another is the University of Texas site, Classical Resources. By all means, visit the home page of the Washington University Classics Department.

"Universal" search site at the University of Kentucky (not quite fully current, but still very useful).  From a single web page, search e-versions of Lewis and Short (unabridged Latin dictionary), Webster's, Roget's, Langenscheidt's (German and Spanish), LSJ (Greek-English Lexicon), Perseus, Argos (Limited Area Search of the Ancient World), Hippias (Limited Area Search of Philosophy), Exploring Ancient World Cultures, Classics & Mediterranean Archaeology (Michigan), Lupa: subsidia interretialia (Kentucky), Gnomon, TOCS-IN, BMCR, The Medieval Review, and the Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism.

Note: Greek linguistic and grammatical resources pertinent to Biblical Greek studies will be found on my Bible/NT/Early Christianity page; items more specifically pertinent to ancient history will be found on my Ancient World page.

General Classics Listings Ancient History Resources
APA Classics Today
Archimedes Project Dictionary Access (LSJ, L&S, etc.)
Aristarchus: Working Tools for Study of Gk and Rom Antiquity
Attalus: Greek & Roman history: events & dates
Bibliotheca Classica Selecta
Center for Hellenic Studies (Harvard, Washington)
Classical Bibliography (Belgium)
Classical Latin Obscenity
Classical Myth: Homepage
CLASSICS Discussion List
The Classics Page
The Classics Pages: main index
Classics Technology Center
ELPENOR: Home of the Greek Word
Greek and Latin Language Resources
Lacus Curtius: Gateway to the Roman World
Latin: Origin of Words (various Latin resources)
LC Greek and Latin Classics Links
Navicula Bacchi Grk/Latin Resources
PACE (Steve Mason: Ancient Cultural Engagement)
PINAX online: Web Biblio of Greek World
Rassegna: Strumenti per l' Antiquità Classica
Rome: Republic to Empire
Stoa consortium (Digital Classics)

Greek-Latin Reference Sites

Loeb Classical Library Timeline 
Perseus Atlas Project at Holycross 
Perseus Mirror in Berlin
Princeton CLIP site (Greek and Latin poetry)
Wiki Classical Dictionary

Texts: General

Alex: Electronic Texts
Ancient Library (scanned Classics resources)
Athena Authors Page
Bibliotheca Augustana
Bibliotheca Classica - Présentation
Classical Texts and Bibliographies
Diotima Texts & Translations
Great Books Index
Greek & Latin PDF Text files
Internet Book Information Center
Latin & Greek files: original & versions
Downloeables -downloadable Loebs
Medieval & Classical Libr. (DL SunSITE)
Perseus Collection: Greek & Roman Materials
Sacred Texts: Classics

Classics E-Journals

Archaeology magazine web site
Bryn Mawr Classical Review
Electronic Antiquity
Leeds International Classical Studies
Arachnion. (defunct but still on-line)
Scholia online edition
Scholia Reviews
Studia Humaniora Tartuensia

Classics E-Lists

Archives for Greek/Latin  Lists
Bryn Mawr E-Resources Review
Classics-L Archives
Classics-L Archives Navigator

Maps/Sites - Ancient World

U. of Chicago Oriental Institute Maps
Perseus Atlas Page
Perseus Atlas Project at Holycross
U.N.C. Interactive Ancient Mediterranean
Agora: Athenian Agora Excavations
Ancient City of Athens (photos)
Alexandria on the Web
Corinth Computer Project
Ephesus: panoramic views
Forum Romanum Project
Maecenas: Images/Greece and Rome
Metis: Anc Greek Sites
Orbis Stanford Geospatial Roman World
Reiseführer Griechenland
Roman Forum
Roman Gazeteer
Plan de Rome at Caen

Greek Resources

Perseus-Hopperizer (Greek Text Converter)

Perseus under PhiloLogic (UChicago)

Greek Teaching Tools

Ancient Greek- The Master Page
Ancient Greek Pedagogical Materials
Ancient Greek Tutorials
Attic Greek Lessons (German)
Greek and Latin Language Resources
Bibliography of Ancient Greek Linguistics
Greek & Linguistics Resources
Greek Composition AT CUNY
Greek Font Unicode Converter
"Greek Too"
Greek Word Test

Hellenistic Greek Grammar (Michael Palmer)

Intelligent Person's Guide to Greek
Reading Homeric Poetry
Scholiastae (scholia wiki)
"So You Want to Learn Greek on Your Own"
"Some Ancient Grk Lang.Res. & Links for Begs"

Greek Paleography & Epigraphy

Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity (inscriptions)
Byzantine Palaeography
Digital Scriptorium
Epigraphische Datenbank Clauss-Slaby
Greek palaeography links
Harvard Digital Papyri
Historische Hilfswissensch.: Paläographie
Introduction to Greek & Latin Epigraphy
Michigan Papyrology  in Ancient Egypt
Oxyrhyncus Papyri
Packard Humanities Institute-Inscriptions
PHI Greek and Latin Inscription

Greek Grammar

Burton Moods & Tenses
Compendium of Greek Phonology
Greek Grammar on the Web
Hellenistic Greek (M. Palmer)
Kühner-Gerth, TOC pt 1
Kühner-Gerth, TOC pt 2
Kühner-Gerth, TOC pt 3
NT Greek Grammar
Nifty Greek Handouts (Helma Dik)
Perseus Overview of Greek Syntax
Review Greek (Cornell-Iowa)
Smyth Grammar TOC
Worldwide Greek (grammar & readings PDFs)

Greek Lexica

Archimedes (online LSJ Greek Lexicon)
Diccionario griego-español
Frisk, Griechisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch
Greek dictionaries
Greek Lexicon Project (Cambridge)
Indo-European Etymological Dictionary (IED)
Perseus LSJ Lexicon
Proto-IE Roots
Suda On Line project
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
Woodhouse English-Greek Dictionary

Greek Authors and Texts

Ancient Greek Wikipedia
Greek WikiSource (incl. anc.authors)
Apollodorus Summary
Apollonius Dyscolus
Apollonius Rhodius Bibliography
Bibliotheca Augustana (Augsburg): authors/texts
Chicago Homer: Ancient Greek Epic
Diana Wright Site: Homer, etc.
Euripides' Bacchae
Greek Philosophy E-Texts
Herodotus: Hesita Project
Homerica: Helmut VanThiel
Homer Iliad & Odyssey PDF texts
Homer homepage
LATO : library of ancient texts online (Greek)
Little Sailing: Classical Greek Texts
Philoctetes:early Greek Philosophic & Homer
Plato Links
Xenophon Homepage
Classics Departmental sites
ARANEOLA (U. of Luxembourg)
Harvard Department of the Classics

Classics Associations

American Philological Association
Archaeological Institute of America
CAMWS E-Directory 
Personal Pages of Note
Harris, William : Writings
Hendry, Michael (Curculio)
Michael Gilleland (overview)
Michael Gilleland (Old Curmudgeon)
O'Donnell, Jim
Siegel, Janice
Van Thiel, Helmut

Latin Resources

Latin Teaching Tools Latin Resources
Introduction to Latin hexameter verse
Latin Grammar: Commonsense Approach 
Latin Language and Literature Resources
Latin Resources 
Latin Teaching Materials 
Latinitas viva
Latin Resources (geocities)

Latin Grammar

Latin Grammar: Commonsense Approach

Latin Dictionaries

Perseus Lewis & Short Dictionary 

Latin Authors and Texts

  • Alicia in Terra Mirabili
  • Apuleius, Apologia: seminar
  • Augustine Confessions/O'Donnell Commentary
  • Carmina Catulli
  • Catullus: Obscenity in classical Latin
  • Catullus website
  • Catullus links (Barker)
  • Catullus texts (Harris)
  • Cicero
  • Cicero (Augsburg site)
  • Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum
  • Latin Library/Ad Fontes Academy
  • The Latin Library (mostly later Latin authors/texts)
  • Martialis: The Epigrams of Martial
  • Ovid Forum
  • Ovid's Metamorphoses (Larry Brown)
    Oxford Book of Latin Verse (H.W.Garrod)
  • Petronian Society Ancient Novel Page
  • Priapea PDF
  • Romulus: Latin Literature/Virtual Commentary
  • Vergil Project
  • Vergil's Aeneid IV Concordance 
  • Vergilius Bibliography Index
  • VRoma home page

  • Medieval Latin Language & Culture
  • Introduction to Medieval Latin
    Daabase /Nordic Neo-Latin Literature
    Labyrinth Library: (Medieval) Latin Texts
    Labyrinth Resources for Medieval Studies
    Medieval & Classical Libr. (DL SunSITE)
    Medieval Sourcebook
    Medieval Web Links
    Online Reference - Medieval Studies

    Specialized Sites

    AMPHORAS Project 
    L'Année Philologique online
    Archaic and Classical Greek Song
    Bryn Mawr Classical Review
    Detective and the Toga
    DIDASKALIA: Ancient Theater
    Diotima: Women/Gender
    Duke Papyrus Archive
    Greek Mythology Link
    Greek Myth/Chaps in Pre-History (Harris)
    Greek Poetry Site: AOIDOI
    HELLAS Home Page (Master Page)
    House of Ptolemy
    La suspense nelle letterature classiche
    Medicina Antiqua::Ancient Medicine
    Mythology in Western Art
    Slavery in Hellenistic Greece and Rome
    TOCS-IN HTML Index
    Epigraphische Datenbank Clauss-Slaby
    Stoa Consortium
    Suda On Line project
    Vatican Film Library at SLU

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