Mark 8:27 - 10:52

The Road to Jerusalem1

8:27 From there Jesus and his disciples went off to the villages of Caesarea Philippi; on the way he was questioning his disciples, "Who do people say I am?" "Some," they said, "say you are John the Baptist, others that you' re Elijah, and still others say you' re one of the prophets."2 29 Then he kept asking them, "But who you do you say I am?" Peter then answered,3 "You are the Messiah." At this Jesus told them sharply not to tell anyone about him.4

31 Then he began explaining to them that the Son of Man must suffer a lot, must be put on trial by the elders and high priests and scribes, be put to death -- and then, three days later, he must rise from the dead;5 32 he told them this repeatedly in all candor.6 Then Peter took him aside and started scolding 7 him. 33 At that he turned and then, with a look at his disciples, he scolded Peter, telling him, "Get behind me, Satan! It's not God's thoughts you are thinking, but human thoughts.8

34 Then he summoned the crowd together with his disciples and told them,9"Anyone who wants to follow my course must deny himself, must carry his cross and keep following my course.1035 In fact, anyone who wants to hold on to his life is going to lose it, but the one who loses his life for my sake and the gospel's sake will hold on to it.11 36 What good does it do anyone to win a whole world of profit if his life is lost in the process? 37 What is there that is worth trading one's life for? 38 Anyone who disdains me and what I say in this evil world-age, you can be sure, will be repudiated by the Son of Man when he comes in his father's glory with the holy angels."12 9:1 Then he told them, "Take my word for it: some of the people standing here will not experience death before they' ve seen God's reign fully established in power."13

2 Six days later.14 Jesus took along Peter and James and John15 and brought them with him up onto a high mountain all by themselves. There Jesus was transformed before their eyes: 3 his clothes turned gleaming white, far whiter than any power known on earth can whiten it. 4 Then Elijah appeared before them along with Moses and they were talking with Jesus. 5 Peter's response to this was to say to Jesus, "Rabbi, it's good for us to be here; let's build three huts, one for you and one for Moses and one for Elijah 6 (in fact Peter had no idea how to respond to what had happened; he and James and John were terrified).16 7 Then a mist came and overshrouded them, and a voice came out of the mist, "This is my beloved Son; listen to him!"17 8 Then suddenly they looked around and could see only Jesus alone with them.

9 As they were on their way down from the mountain, Jesus told them not to tell anyone what they had seen until after the Son of Man had risen from the dead.18 10 They kept this statement to themselves even as they were pondering in their minds what "rise from the dead" means. 11 Then they questioned him, "What do the scribes mean when they say Elijah has to come first?"19 12 "Elijah does come first," he told them, "and gets everything ready. And how is it that scripture say about the Son of Man: 'he is destined to suffer much and be humiliated?' 13 But I'll tell you this much: Elijah has come, and they did as they pleased to him, exactly as scripture says of him."20

14 And when they came to the disciples they saw a sizable throng around them and scribes putting questions to them. 15 Then right away the whole throng saw him; astounded, they rushed up to greet him. 16 Then he asked them, "What were you arguing about among yourselves?" 17 Then one of the throng answered him, "Teacher, I brought my son to you with a mute spirit. 18 Whenever the spirit comes over him it brings him into convulsions and makes him foam at the mouth and gnash his teeth and get a dry throat. I tried to get your disciples to exorcise the spirit but they couldn't do it. 19 Then Jesus told them in response, "Untrusting generation, how long am I going to be before your eyes? How long am I going put up with you?21 Bring him to me." 20 They brought the boy to him, and as soon as the spirit had seen Jesus, it immediately brought the boy into convulsions, and he fell on the ground, foaming at the mouth. 21 Then Jesus questioned his father: "How long has this been happening to him?" "Since he was a child," said the father. "Sometimes it has even dashed him into waters to destroy him. But if you can do anything, have pity upon us and help us." 23 Then Jesus said, "as for the being able, anything is possible for one who trusts." 24 All at once the child's father cried out, saying, "I do trust, please help my want of trust!" 25 Then as Jesus saw that the throng was moving right along with them, he scolded the unclean spirit and said, "Deaf and mute spirit, I command you, come out of him and don't go back into him any more." 26 Then the spirit cried out and made the child writhe and then left him, and the child was then like a corpse (several were saying that he had died). 27 But Jesus took his hand and lifted him up, and he stood up. 28 Then when he had entered the house his disciples by themselves put to him the question, "Why couldn't we exorcise the spirit?" 29 Then he told them, "This kind of spirit cannot be exorcized except by prayer."22

30 Then they went away and traveled through Galilee; Jesus didn't want anyone to recognize him; he was teaching his disciples, explaining to them, "The Son of Man is being given over into the hands of men who will put him to death, and after he has been put to death he will rise three days later. 32 But they didn't understand what he said and were afraid to question him about it.23

33 Then they came to Capernaum. And when he was inside the house he questioned them, "What were you talking about on the road?" 34 But they kept still, since what they'd discussed on the road was which one of them was greater."24 35 Then Jesus sat down and called the twelve to him and told them, "Anyone who wants to be foremost is going to be last of all and to wait upon everyone.2526 36 Then he took a child in his arm and placed it in their midst; he embraced it and told them, 37 "Anyone who welcomes one child such as this in my name welcomes me. And if one welcomes me, it's not just myself that he welcomes but rather the one who sent me."

38 Then John said to him, "Teacher, we saw a man exorcising demons in your name and tried to stop him doing it, since he wasn't one of our followers." 39 But Jesus said, "Don't try to stop him: anyone one who performs a miracle in my name is hardly going to be able to curse me! 40 Anyone who's not opposing us is on our side!.27 41 The fact is, nobody who gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ, will ever go unrequited. 42 But if anybody lays snares in the way of even one of these little ones who trust me,28 he'd be better off thrown into the sea with a millstone around his neck. 43 If your hand makes you sin, cut it off! It's better for you to enter into life maimed than to have two hands and go to hell-fire. 45 And if your foot makes you sin, cut it off! It's better for you to enter into life lame that to be thrown into hell-fire having two feet. 47 And if your eye makes you sin, pluck it out! It's better for you to enter into God's reign with only one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell-fire, where the worm gnawing the damned never dies and the fire is never quenched.29 49 Everyone's salt is going be tested by fire; and if that salt loses its saltiness, what will you do to make it useful? Be well-seasoned yourselves and be at peace with each other.30

10.1 From there he went on and came to the area of Judaea on the far side of the Jordan, where crowds gathered again about him; and as was his way, he once again proceeded to teach them. 2 And Pharisees approached and, to test him, put to him the question3132 whether a man is allowed to divorce his wife. 3 His response to them was, "What did Moses tell you to do?" 4 To which they replied, "Moses allowed a man to draw up a writ of separation and put her away." 5 Then Jesus told them, "It was because of your stubborn human nature that he prescribed for you this procedure, 6 but ever since the world was created, 'God made human beings male and female; 7 that is the reason that a man is to leave his father and mother and cling to his wife, 8 and the two shall become one; so they are no longer two but one. 9 Therefore what God has linked into a pair a human being should not separate.

10 And when they were back in the house his disciples asked him about this.33 11 He told them, "Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her. 12 And if she divorces her husband and marries another, then she commits adultery.34

13 Then people were bringing him children to put his hands upon; his disciples scolded the people, 14 but when Jesus saw it he was upset and told them, "Let the children come to me-don't try to stop them! The reign of god is over just such as they are. 15 Take it from me: anyone who doesn't accept God's reign as a child does, won't enter into it.35 16 Then he put his arms around them and blessed them as he put his hands upon them.

17 And as he went out onto the road a man36 ran up to him and kneeled down before him, then began to question him, "Good teacher, what should I do to make eternal life my lot?" 18 Jesus told him, "Why are you calling me good? No one is good but God alone.37 19 You know the commandments: 'Don't commit adultery, don't steal, don't bear false witness, don't defraud, respect your father and mother.'" 21 But the man said, "Teacher, I've kept all these commandments since I was little." 21 Then Jesus looked at him and loved him,38 then he told him, "You're missing just one thing: go, sell all that you have and give it to beggars, and you'll have treasure in heaven-and then come here and follow me." 22 But the man grimaced at what Jesus said and went off in sorrow; the fact is that he had great wealth.39

23 Then Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, "How hard it is for those who are rich to enter into God's realm." 24 His disciples were astounded at what he said, but Jesus reiterated his comment: "Children, how hard it is to enter into God's realm! 25 It's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into God's realm." 26 At this they were overwhelmed and said to each other, "How can anyone at all be saved?" 27 Jesus looked at them and said, "Insofar as it lies within human beings, it can't be done, but that's not so with God; anything is possible with God."40

28 Peter went on to say to him, "Hey, we've left everything behind and followed you!" 29 Then Jesus said, "Take it from me, there isn't a soul that has abandoned his home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or property41 for my sake and for the gospel's sake42 30 who won't get a hundred times as much -- households and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and property along with persecution now in this age,43 and eternal life in the age-to-come. 31 And lots of people who are now foremost will be at the very end, and those at the very end will be foremost."44

32 They were on the road traveling up to Jerusalem; Jesus was ahead of them. They were astounded, but those who followed him were afraid. And yet again he took aside the twelve and started explaining to them what must happen to him. 33 "Take note: we are going up to Jerusalem; the Son of Man will be taken into custody by the high-priests and the scribes; they will condemn him to death and will deliver him over to the Gentile authority. 34 Then they will mock him and spit on him and flog him and put him to death, and three days later he will rise."45

35 Then he was approached by James and John, Zebedee's sons, who said to him, "Teacher, we want you to fulfill our request. 37 "What is your request?" he asked them. 37 They said, "grant us to sit one on your left side and the other on your right side in your glory." 38 Then Jesus said to them, "You don't understand what you're asking for. Can you drink the cup that I am drinking or undergo the baptism that I am undergoing?"46 39 They said, "We can." Then Jesus told them, "You will drink the cup that I am drinking and you will undergo the baptism that I am undergoing, 40 but sitting on my right or on my left isn't mine to grant; it's for those appointed to it."

41 When the ten heard about it they started grumbling about James and John. 42 Then Jesus called and lectured to them, "You know that the so-called rulers of the Gentiles like to boss them and their big men make them feel the weight of their authority over them. 43 That's not your way; rather, anyone who wants to be "big" among you will be the one who serves your needs. 44 And anyone who wants to be foremost among you will be everyone's servant. 45 The fact is that the Son of Man didn't come to be served to but to serve others47 and to give his life as a ransom for many people.48

46 They came to Jericho, and as he was leaving Jericho with his disciples and a sizable throng, Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, a blind beggar, was sitting beside the road. 47 When he heard that this was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out, "Jesus, Son of David,49 pity me. 48 Then several people told him in no uncertain terms that he should be still, but all the more he would cry out, "Son of David, pity me!" 49 Jesus halted and said, "Call him." They called the blind man and told him: "Cheer up and get up; he's calling you." 50 Then he threw off his coat and jumped up and came to Jesus. 51 Then Jesus asked him, "What do you want me to do for you?" To which the blind man replied, "To make me see, Rabbi." 52 Then Jesus told him, "Go on, your faith has made you whole." Then right away the man recovered his sight and began to follow him on the road.50

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