Mark 6:7-8:26
Comings and Goings1

6: 7 Then he summoned the twelve to him and began sending them as missionaries in pairs,2 authorizing them to exorcise impure spirits,3 8 He told them not to take along anything for their trip but a staff, no bread,4 no purse, no money in their belts, 9 but they should put on sandals, and not wear two tunics. 10 And he told them, "Whatever house you enter, stay there until you leave it. 11 and if any place doesn't welcome you and the people won't listen to you, leave that place5 and shake the dust from off your sandals so they'll notice it."6 12 So they went out and preached that people should repent, 13 and they exorcised lots of demons and anointed several sick persons and healed them.

14 Then King Herod heard about him -- his name certainly was well publicized; people were saying that John the Baptist had risen from the dead 7 and that was why the wondrous acts were performed by him. 15 Others said he was Elijah, still others, "He's a prophet-just like one of the prophets." 16 But when Herod heard about him, he said, "It's John , the one I beheaded- he's risen from the dead!" 17 In fact, it was Herod himself who had John arrested and imprisoned for the sake of Herodias, who was his brother Philip's wife. Herod had taken her as his own wife; 18 John kept telling him that it wasn't right for him to have his brother's wife as his own. 19 Herodias was angry at him and wanted him put to death but couldn't bring it about, 20 since Herod was in awe of John, knowing he was a righteous and holy man; so he kept him in custody, and although he had heard him, he really didn't know what to do; he liked to listen to John.

21 As things turned out, circumstances settled matters on the day when Herod was celebrating his birthday; he held a banquet for his noblemen and officers and the chief men of Galilee; 22 Herodias' daughter had come in and danced, and delighted Herod; his guests were so delighted that the king told the girl, "Ask me for anything you'd like and it's yours!" 23 He even swore to this: "Even if you ask me for half my kingdom, I swear I'll give it to you!" So the girl went out and asked her mother, "What should I ask for?" Her mother replied, "The head of John the Baptist." The girl returned right away and told the king, "Let me have the head of John the Baptist on a platter at once!" 26 Then the king was quite distressed, but he had sworn and right in front of his dinner guests he felt he couldn't say no to her.827 So at once the king sent an executioner with orders to fetch the man's head; the executioner went off, beheaded John in the prison, 28 and then brought his head on a platter and presented it to the girl, who promptly gave it to her mother. 29 Later John's disciples came and carried away his body and laid it in a tomb.

30 Then the missionaries that he had sent out gathered around Jesus and reported to him all that they had done and taught. 31 Then he told them, Come now, just yourselves, privately to a deserted area and rest a bit." The fact is that lots of people were coming and going and circumstances didn't even allow them to eat.9 32 So they went off in a boat to a deserted area privately. 33 And lots of people saw them going and recognized them and hurried along on foot from all the towns round about and got there ahead of them.10 and then he started to teach them numerous things. 34 So when he came off the boat he saw a great throng and he was deeply moved by them; they were, he thought, like sheep that have no shepherd,11

35 When it was already quite late in the day his disciples came to him and said, "This area is uninhabited and it is already quite late; 36 send them away, so they can go off into the countryside and villages round about to buy themselves something to eat. 37 But he replied, "It's up to you to give them something to eat!"12 "What?" they said, "we should go and buy up 200 denarii worth of loaves to give them to eat?" 38 "How many loaves have you got?" he asked; "Go find out!" They did and then told him, "We have five loaves and two fishes." 39 Then he told them to have the people lie down on the green grass in groups to be served. 40 So the people lay down in groups of 100 and of 50. 41 Then he took the five loaves and two fishes, looked up to heaven and blessed and broke apart the loaves and gave them to his disciples13 to serve to them; he also divided the two fishes into pieces to serve to everybody. 42 Everyone ate and was satisfied. 43 Afterwards the disciples picked up twelve baskets full of crumbs as well as pieces of the fish.14 44 Those who ate amounted to about five thousand people.

45 Then right away he insisted that his disciples board the boat and go ahead to the farther shore near Bethsaida while he was dismissing the crowd.15 46 When he had sent them away, he went into the hills to pray. 47 When it was very late the boat was out in the lake while he was alone on land. 48 When he saw that they were hard put to row forward (the wind was against them), about 3 o'clock in the morning he began to approach them, walking on the lake. He was intending to pass right by them; 49 but when they saw him walking on the lake they thought it was a ghost, and cried out. 50 Everyone had seen him and was worried, but right away he addressed them and said, "Cheer up, it's me, don't be afraid."16 51 And he boarded their ship and the wind died down, and they were quite beside themselves; 52 they had failed to grasp the point regarding the loaves: so thick-headed were they.17

53 When they had crossed over to the far side they came to land at Gennesaret and moored there. 55 But when they had left the boat at once people recognized him and came running all over that territory and began bringing on litters those who were ill to the place where they heard he was staying. 56 And wherever he would enter into villages or towns or into the countryside, they would set down the sick in the market place and beg him to be allowed to touch the edge of his robe; and all those who touched him would be made whole.18

7:1 Then the Pharisees and some of the scribes who had come from Jerusalem gathered about him.19 2 Then they noticed that some of his disciples were eating their loaves20 with unclean hands--i.e. unwashed hands21 (The Pharisees, you see, and Jews generally, will not eat unless they have first washed their hands; they do this in observance of the tradition of their ancestors. 4 Not even when they come from the market will they eat unless they have first bathed; and there are lots of other customs that they observe by tradition, ritual washing of cups, pots, and copper ware). So the Pharisees and the scribes asked him, "Why is it that your disciples don't walk by the tradition of our ancestors but eat their bread with unclean hands?" 6 Jesus answered them, "Isaiah was right when he spoke out about you hypocrites; just as scripture says, "This people acknowledges me verbally, but their hearts are far removed from me; 7 their worship of me is useless, since they turn into sacred doctrine what mere human beings have ordained. 8 You've left behind what God commanded to observe human traditions." 9 He told them also, "You're very good at setting aside God's command to make your own tradition authoritative.22 10 Moses taught you to respect your father and your mother; he even said that anyone who abuses a father or mother should be put to death. 11 But you assert, "If one says to his father or mother, 'Whatever benefit you might have gotten from me is Corban [i.e. 'gift'],' you leave him without any further obligation to his father or mother, 13 and thus you annul God's word with your hand-me-down traditions. And you do lots of other things of the same sort!" 14 Then he once again summoned the throng and told them, "I want you all to listen to me and understand: 15 Nothing outside of a person that goes into him can make him impure; rather it's what comes out of a person that makes him impure. 17 And when he left the crowd and entered inside the house, his disciples asked him what this riddle-talk meant.23 18 He told them, "Can't you see that everything that enters into a person from outside cannot make him impure? 19 That's because it doesn't enter his heart but rather his digestive system, and it comes out into the privy (by saying this he declared all foods clean24). 20 Then he went on, "What comes out of a person is what makes him impure. 21 That's because it's from inside people's hearts that evil thoughts issue, and sexual misdeeds, theft, murder, 22 adultery, greedy acts, wicked acts, deceit, lust, jealousy, blasphemy, arrogance, and folly. 23 All these evil things issue from inside a person and make him impure."

24 He left that place and moved off to the region of Tyre;25 there he entered a house, desiring to be seen by nobody, but he could not remain unrecognized. 25 Right away a woman came and fell down before his feet; she had heard about him and her daughter had an impure spirit. 26 The woman was Greek-speaking,26 a Syrophoenician by birth; she begged him to exorcise the demon from her daughter. 27 He told her, "You must first let the children get fed; it isn't right to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs."27 28 But she retorted, "Lord, even the pups beneath the table eat the crumbs that the children have left. 29 At that he said, "That saying will do it; go on, the demon has left your daughter."28 30 Then she went home and found the child was lying on the bed and the demon had left her.

31 Then he returned from the region of Tyre through Sidon to the lake of Galilee in the center of the region of the Decapolis.29 32 There people brought him a man who was deaf and dumb30 and begged him to lay a hand on him. 33 Jesus took him off away from the crowd by himself; he put his fingers into the man's ears, spat and then touched the man's tongue. 34 Then he looked up into heaven, groaned and said to the man, "Effatha" (that means, "Open up!"). 35 Then the man's ears opened up, his tongue was untangled, and he began to speak intelligibly. 36 Then Jesus ordered them to tell nobody, but for all his orders, they proceeded to proclaim what he had done all the more. 37 And people were astounded to an extraordinary degree; they said, "He has done everything well: he makes the deaf hear and the mute speak."31

8:1 It was about then32 that it happened again: there was a large crowd and they had nothing to eat; he summoned his disciples and told them, 2 "I'm sorry for the crowd; they've stayed with me for three days and don't have anything to eat. 3 And if I send them away hungry to go home, they'll break down on the road; some of them have come quite a distance." 4 His disciples then answered him, "How will anyone be able to get bread to feed these people in a deserted area?" 5 Then he asked them, "How many loaves do you have?" They said, "Seven." 6 Then he tells the throng to settle down on the ground, then he took the seven loaves, and after giving thanks, he broke them and gave them to his disciples to distribute them, and they served the crowd. 7 They also had a few small fish; so he blessed them and told his disciples to serve them as well. 8 And they ate and were satisfied, and the disciples gathered up seven baskets full of crumbs.33 9 There were about four thousand there; then he sent them away. 10 And right away he boarded a boat together with his disciples and went to the area of Dalmanutha.

11 And the Pharisees came out and began to interrogate him, asking him for a sign from heaven as they put him to the test.34 12 And heaving a great sigh from within him he said, "Why does this generation look for a sign? I tell you the truth, no sign will be given to this generation."35

13 Then he dismissed them and boarded the ship and went off to the other side of the lake.36 14 The disciples had forgotten to bring loaves of bread and they had only one loaf with them in the boat.37 15 And Jesus was advising them, Take note: watch out for the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.38 16 And they kept telling each other that they had no loaves of bread. 17 And once he realized their difficulty, he said to them, "Why are you telling each other that you don't have loaves? Don't you yet grasp it and understand? Are you so utterly thick-headed? 18 Have you eyes but can't see and ears but can't hear? Don't you remember, 19 when I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets of crumbs did you pick up?" "Twelve," they said. 20 "And when I broke seven loafs for the four thousand, how many baskets of crumbs did you pick up?" "Seven," they said. 21 And he kept saying to them, "Do you still not understand?"39

22 Then they arrived at Bethsaida. There people brought him a blind man and begged him to lay a hand on him. 23 So he took hold of the blind man's hand and led him outside of the village. Then he put saliva into the man's eyes and laid his hands upon him and asked him, "Do you see anything?" 24 And the man could see and he said, "I see people that look like trees walking." 25 Then once again Jesus put his hands upon the blind man's eyes, and he saw everything with crystal clarity.40 26 And Jesus sent him off to his home, telling him not even to enter the village.

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