Mark 13 The Apocalyptic Discourse 1

1 And as he left the temple one of his disciples said to him, "Master, look how massive these stones and this structure are!" 2 Then Jesus told him, "Do you see this great structure? There won't be a single stone left upon another that won't collapse."

3 Later, as he sat on the Mount of Olives looking out across to the temple Peter was questioning him in private along with James and John and Andrew.2 4 "Tell us, when will that happen and what portent will indicate the time when all these things are to culminate?356 Many will come forth in my name claiming to be me, and lots of people will be misled by them.4 7 When you hear of wars and talk of wars, don't be anxious; that has to happen, but it's not yet the end. 8 In fact their will be uprisings of nation against nation and one kingdom against another; there will be earthquakes in some areas, there will be times of famine5That will be the start of the 'labor pains' accompanying the birth of the new age. 6 Then Jesus proceeded to explain to them, "Be careful that nobody misleads you.

9 Watch out for yourselves! People will arrest you and bring you before councils and synagogues; you will be flogged and brought before governors and kings for my sake to witness to them-- 10 the gospel proclamation must reach all nations.) 11 Now when they arrest you and bring you before these authorities, don't think ahead of time what you should say -- just say whatever you're given to say at that time: it won't be yourselves speaking but the Holy Spirit. 12 Brothers will dispatch their brothers to death, and fathers their children, and children will rebel against their parents and kill them. 13 You are going to be hated by everybody because of me; but the one who endures to the end will come through safely.7

14 And when you see that loathsome devastation set up where it has no business to stand (reader, take note!), then people in Judaea should take off for the hills.8 15 A man on his rooftop should not come down nor enter his house to get something out of it. 16 The man out in the field should not turn back to get his clothes. 17 Too bad for women who are pregnant or nursing babies when that time comes! 18 Pray that it doesn't come in wintertime! 19 When the time comes there will be hardship never known since God made the world nor will there ever the like of it again! 20 If the Lord hadn't decided to shorten those days, nobody would ever survive, but for the sake of those whom he has chosen he shortened the time.

21 When that time comes, if someone tells you, 'Look, there's the Messiah -- over there!' don't you believe it. 22 In fact, false Messiahs will appear and false prophets as well, and they'll show you signs and miracles to delude you. 23 But be careful! I've warned you of it all!9

24 Then when that time of hardship is over, the sun will darken; the moon won't shine, 25 and the stars will plunge down from the sky and the mighty powers in the heavens will quake. 1026 That is when people will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds with mighty power and glory. 27 And that is when he will send messengers to gather up the chosen ones from the four corners of the world and from the far reaches of the earth to the farthest reaches of heaven.11

28 Take heed of the lesson that the fig tree teaches: When its branch grows tender and starts to sprout foliage, you know that the warm harvest-time is near; 29 even so, once you've seen these things happening, you must realize that it's close, knocking on the door!12

30 I 'm telling you assuredly: those now living will not perish before all these things have taken place.13 31 Heaven and earth will perish, but my words will not perish.14

32 But nobody knows exactly when it will be-not angels in heaven and not the Son, nobody at all except the Father.1533 Take heed, keep watch: 16 you don't know when the time will be. 34 Think of a man who goes away, leaving his household behind and giving his servants responsibility, to each his own task, and he tells the doorman to keep watch. 35 You must be just as watchful: you don't know when the master of the household is coming, whether late in the evening or at midnight or at cock-crow or at dawn. 36 You mustn't let him come and catch you sleeping. 37 What I'm telling you all is that you must keep watch."

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