First-Year Programs and Seminars

The College of Arts & Sciences offers fascinating seminars and programs specially designed for first-year students.

How to Apply

The application process for first year programs and seminars opens on Tuesday, May 16, at 3pm (CT) and closes on Tuesday, May 23, at noon (CT). You will need your WUSTL Key to sign into the application. Your WUSTL Key requires 24 hours to activate, so please be sure to sign up for your WUSTL Key by Monday, May 15.

Fall 2017 Offerings

Complete course descriptions and course times can be found in the online course listings. Click on the Search submenu item and enter the course name noted below in the Keyword search box. (The course numbers are listed below for reference but should not be included in the keyword search.)



L08 137 – Freshman Seminar: The Emperor Nero: Prince, Monster, Artist

L14 100 – The Literary Life

L14 154 – Literature Seminar for Freshmen: Literature and Politics

L14 166 – Literature Seminar for Freshmen: Friendship

L14 171 – Literature Seminar for Freshmen: Literature, Spirituality, and Religion

L19 104 – Freshman Seminar: Geology in the Field

L19 105 – Freshman Seminar: Habitable Planets

L22 2118 – Freshman Seminar: Angels, Prostitutes and Chicas Modernas: Women in Latin American History

L22 2443 – Freshman Seminar: The Nuremberg Trials and International Justice

L23 180 – Freshman Seminar: Sexuality in Early Christianity

L41 112 – Freshman Seminar: Introduction to Problem-Based Learning in Biology

L41 1260 – The Secret Lives of Plants

L43 126 – Freshman Seminar: Law and Society

L43 160 – The Tyson Seminar: Grounding Research in Nature

L43 1801 – Freshman Seminar: Medieval and Renaissance Venice

L53 114 – Freshman Seminar: Science Fiction Literature & Film: A Contrast in Hyper-imaginative Media

L53 120 – Freshman Seminar: Horror Across Media

L75 180 – Freshman Seminar: Jewcy: Jewish Culture in the 21st Century

L82 122 – A&S Freshman Seminar - A Sense of Place: Discovering the Environment of St. Louis

L90 178 – Imagining and Creating Africa: Youth, Culture, and Change

L90 188 – Freshman Seminar: Self & Identity in African American Literature

L93 171 – Freshman Seminar: Class and Class Struggle

L97 155 – Freshman Seminar: Mapping the World: Introduction to Human Geography




L41 2010 – The Science of Biotechnology

L61 103B and 1503 – Global Citizenship Program

L48 141 – Medicine and Society

L96 122 – Mind, Brain, and Behavior

L93 201C and 203C – Text and Tradition



L61 2811 – Focus: Literary Culture of Modern Ireland

L61 215 – Focus: Theater as a Living Art

L61 2850 – Focus: The History, Memory, and Representation of the Holocaust

L61 1910 – Focus: Phage Hunters

L61 2431– Focus: Missouri's Natural Heritage



I50 101 – Earth's Future: Causes and Consequences of Global Climate Change

I50 123 – When I'm Sixty-Four: Transforming Your Future

I50 130 – The Art of Medicine

I50 141 – The Digital Society

I50 175 – Designing Creativity (additional information)


ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES (1 and 2 unit courses)

L07 181 – Freshman Seminar in Chemistry

L24 139A – Real Mathematical Applications: Solving Problems with Calculus I

L33 102 – Seminar: Introduction to Psychology

L33 105 – Psychology of Young Adulthood: College Years

L33 111 – Mindfulness: Science and Practice

L41 1770 – The Biology of Dog Breeds

L41 171 – Neuroscience Futures 1: How do we learn about the brain?

L41 181 – Freshman Seminar in Biology

L43 121 – Freshman Seminar: Researching Research